A Guide To The Different Types Of Bedding

Published: 30th September 2009
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Many types of bedding are available, which can make the process of choosing new items for the bed a difficult one. Of course there are the many different brands that are available, but there is more than just brands. There is also the different choices of styles as well and knowing these kinds of choices helps to make the decision process an easier one.

Knowing the different terms and what they mean, does help make the process of choosing a much easier on. This is the reason why we are going to go over some of the different terms that you may encounter. Also you will get a better idea on what the different kinds of bed coverings are.

One of the first kinds that we will cover is a bedspread. A bedspread is not the same as a comforter. As we go through you will have more of an understanding why if you did thing they were the same.

With bedspreads, you have the choice of either tailored or throw style. Bedspreads hang to the floor when they are on the bed. The pillows are also covered with the additional material of the bedspread.

Usually, most bedspreads are recommended that they are dry cleaned due to the way they are designed. Many of them are made with a decorative type of material and constructed together in a stylish type stitch. This is what gives the design quality to the bedspreads.

Just to clarify some of the terms that you may hear and one of the ones that have already been mentioned, which is the tailored style. That means that it is a fitted bedspread. One of the other terms that you may hear is side drop, which has to do with the length that the bedspread or other covering hangs to the floor. A pillow tuck has to do with the earlier mention of the extra material that comes in the covering so that you can place it over the pillow.

Coverlets differ from a bedspread in the way that they do not reach the floor and do not always come with a pillow tuck. The material is usually something that is textures, like quilted or woven fabrics. This is the reason that you should check the label before cleaning.

Comforters are another type that do not reach the floor either. They do not have a pillow tuck and vary in the materials that they are made. Some of them may be decorative with polyester filling and then others may be down filled. Duvet covers are sometimes used as a decoration for down covers and as a way to protect them.

Pillow shams are decorative pillow cases. There is no specific material that they come in since they depend on the set that they coordinate with. They come in different styles which are referred to as ruffled, welted, and then flanged, which means tailored.

In some cases people add bed skirts/dust ruffles to the bed to cover the box spring. Additionally it adds some decoration on the bottom part of the bed.

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