Fancy Cutlery And Everyday Pieces

Published: 22nd November 2009
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Cutlery is utensils that were developed by the western world and are used for eating, serving and preparing food. Cutlery also goes by the name of silverware and flatware. Many time cutleries are sometimes only referred to as knives and cutting tools. Though spoons and forks are also included in cutlery as are the hybrid pieces of knork, spork and spife.

While cutlery has been made all over the world much of the cutlery production ended up being around Birmingham and Sheffield around the 16th century. The cutlers in Birmingham specifically made swords that went by the name long cutlers while Sheffield produced knifes. During this time all cutlery was made of silver as it would be many years before steel could easily be produced.

The first piece of cutlery was the knife and it would take centuries before a fork was used with the knife. The knife was first used by hunters and then it eventually made its way into kitchen use. Many of the cutlery companies that originated in the 16th and 17th century are still producing cutlery and are known for their craftsmanship and beautiful work. The traditional companies that make silver cutlery are considered classics and are on par with porcelain and crystal glasses.

You need to be aware of the types of cutlery you will use as many individuals find a great deal on a 21 piece knife kit but they will not actually use all of those knifes. People tend to use about four knives, the bread knife, slicing knife, chef's knife and a paring knife. It is better to invest in good quality cutlery that you will use rather than a large set of which most pieces will just sit in the drawer.

This also applies to table ware as there are many different types of forks that can be used but each of these forks and spoons is related to a specific course. If you do not have multiple courses with dinner then there is no point in setting out 3 different forks. Also using silver cutlery is not the best idea as it can take a long time to clean and it needs to be polished frequently. Stainless steel is the best for everyday use as it can be put in the dish washer.

When buying cutlery you want to get the best quality cutlery for the best price and in this way a comparison website can help. You can see which stores are offering the best deals and sales on cutlery and you can even get information on how users like the cutlery or if they have other recommendations. If you should purchase cutlery online you need make sure the company you are purchasing it from is reputable.

Besides silver and steel cutlery can have decorative handles made of many different types of material including mother of pearl, silver, horn, tortoise shell, ivory and other ornate materials. These materials can also be carved with different decorations.

Today a lot of the everyday cutlery is made from molds instead of being made using wheels and other machines. Today much of the process of making cutlery has been mechanized where once one person would make the pieces by hand.

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