New Corner Sofas At LAZ-Boy

Published: 10th November 2009
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The store LAZ-Boy is a very popular store to buy your furniture like recliners, but they also have a fine selection of corner sofas and sectionals. We will compare the different styles that they have, and they can be compared to other sales at other furniture outlets. We will take a look at their best-selling items to see what is most popular.

The first sectional we will look at is the Collins sectional. This has 7 sections which can be freely arranged to suit your decor at home. They allow you to pick the fabric to your specifications. A chaise is part of this set, and you can also have a sleeper sofa installed.

The Daphne sectional is the next sofa. This sofa has the loose cushioning in the back which is very plush and comfortable. This is a fabric sectional as well. You can insert the sleeper sofa, however, no chase is included with this sectional.

THe next corner sofa is the Devon sectional, and this has a chaise in the set. This is a fully cushioned sofa that gives owners a completely comfortable sectional. There are two colors available with one being Dijon. The beginning price for this sofa is $2, 599

The next example is the Sinclair sofa which is a smaller sectional yet it has a beautiful design. It is a nicely upholstered piece with arms that flare out upwardly. The legs are wood and give the sofa an extra accent. The left side has a chaise, and the price for this is $1, 799.

The Montgomeray sectional is a thickly cushioned sectional which is made of a garnet-colored leather upholstery. It is a huge, very nicely-cushioned sectional, and it would be a treat for any family. There are four modules, and currently, there is no pricing available.

The next sectional, a Reese sectional, is another fun furniture seating. It is a large sectional with leather upholstery, and a recliner is included in this set. It has pub-style backing, and it is priced at $4, 299.

The Elliot sectional is a beautiful leather sectional which has a stately characteristic. It can be used for relaxing, but it also has a slight formal side to it. There is a chaise, and the whole set is beautifully crafted with a rich sophistication. There is no current pricing.

Lastly, an interesting sectional at LAZ-Boy is the Matinee sectional. These are the in-home movie theater seats, and they have cupholders with trays. These are large, black recliners, and they are supposed to provide optimal viewing and sound. You most likely would not find these at most furniture stores.

There is such a large selection at LAZ-Boy that you mostly like might find what you are looking for in a sectional. They allow you to choose the fabrics of your sofa, and they specialize in furniture sales. However, shop around. There are many good deals and styles available at other store such as Macy's, Ikea, and JCPenney. Prices are comparable as well as the designs and styles of the furniture pieces.

Annie Deakin is a journalist, fashion and furniture expert and editor at and is currently very impressed by the great range of bathrooms, corner sofas and footstools.

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