Paper Blinds Make Inexpensive Window Treatments

Published: 08th October 2009
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There have been many options for window treatments in the past few years. There have been drapes, mini-blinds, vertical blinds and now there are folded paper blinds. These window treatments are quick to install and very inexpensive.

If you move into a new home, you may need a quick way to cover those windows so you do not expose your new neighbors to more of your family that you intend. A quick trip to the local discount store will allow you to find a quick convenient solution that may work well until you find your permanent solution for window treatments.

Paper blinds are simple in construction. Heavy, parchment like paper is fan folded to be used to cover windows. The width of the folds is 1 1/2 inches wide. The blinds do not need cords for opening or closing, they are folded up or down to the length desired. Once the position is found the folds are held together wit clips that are shaped like plastic spring clothespins, although the springs are not as strong.

It is easy to install these blinds. The length is cut using a standard utility knife after measuring against your window. Use a ruler or straight edge and make three to four passes straight across the blind.

The blinds are attached to the window by means of an adhesive strip. To expose the strip, just peel off the wax paper protector. Then stick the blind into place. If you have difficulty keeping the blind in place, you can use thumbtacks to hold them there. It takes about four tacks for an untrimmed blind.

These devices are wonderful to use for keeping the sun off of a television or computer screen. They do a very significant job at darkening a room for afternoon naps or for persons sensitive to bright lights.

After installing the blinds for temporary privacy, you may decide that you really like the effect. They are very elegant when peaking out between gold drapes that have tiebacks. People will think that you have spent much more than four dollars on the shades. The valance of the drapes adds even more detail to the treatment.

If you have to use window air conditioner units in your home, you will find that a paper blind is a wonderful way to block the bright sun from heating up a room that you are paying to air condition.

Since these shades are inexpensive, they can be modified to use as inexpensive window treatments in arch windows found in many newer homes. Measure the width of the window. Cut the blind to one-half of the window width plus one half inch. Use a heavy duty desktop stapler to staple the blind about three fourths of an inch from the cut end. Then open like a fan to fit into the window.

While the blinds look great under drapes, they are also a quick window treatment alone in many situations. They would be a quick addition to a bedroom, bath, cabin or vacation home.

Since they are inexpensive, you may find many other ideas for their use.

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