Pig, Gas And Slow Cookers

Published: 09th November 2009
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The variety of cookers on the shelves is limitless. You can find slow cookers, electric cookers, solar cookers, pig cookers as well as gas cookers. Cookers come in all styles and prices.

A slow cooker is the best thing found on the department store shelf. The functions of a slow cooker are amazing! You can fix anything that you dream of from cakes and desserts to full meals. A slow cooker comes in so many sizes that you can feed just a single person or a multitude of people. The slow cooker can be priced anywhere from under twenty dollars up to hundreds of dollars depending on the features that you want on your slow cooker.

The slow cooker saves time in the kitchen as well as time cleaning. You can place all of your meats and vegetables into the cooker and the inner bowl is heated by the outside metal unit which then in turn cooks your food. If you prepare your whole meal inside the slow cooker then you will only have one pot to wash instead of several. A slow cooker is a great investment.

A gas cooker is a very inexpensive way to cook; there are gas grills and stoves. Everyone has their own one that they favor over the other. You may like that the taste of gas cooked food doesn't have any flavor other than the flavor of your food and some people like the taste of charcoal.

The downside to having an electric cooker is that if you lose power then you can't cook. The upside of an electric cooker is that it is less expensive than gas or propane. You can purchase an electric cooker in all different styles such as ranges, stoves or grills.

A pig cooker is the most famous cooker in the south. If you own a hog or pig then chances are you also own a pig cooker or barbeque. The flavor of the pork is basically what cooks the meat. You can add any kind of wood in the underside of the pig cooker and the wood smokes the pork and gives it a rich thick flavor. Some people even say that the slower you cook the pork the better the taste.

Everyone seems like they want to help out the environment these days so they are always coming up with new efficient ways to save and cut costs. The newest thing is a solar cooker which cooks your food using the heat from the sun. The pro to a solar cooker is that you do not use any propane, gas or electricity. The con is that on a partly sunny or overcast day your food may not get cooked rapidly.

The store shelf is full of a wide variety of cookers from different colors to a variety of price ranges. Depending on the features and style that you are looking for I am positive that you can find one to suit your style and budget.

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