Red Cedar Dog Bedding Deters Flees And Ticks

Published: 28th September 2009
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If you have a dog, you know what good friends these little guys can be. They listen without judging and love us whatever our mood is like. They ask little in return, just a little food, fresh water and a comfortable bed. Here is a great idea for dog bedding.

Red cedar can be shaved into very fine strips that make a soft and comfortable bed for your dog. The aromatic oils in the cedar accomplish at least two things. They help to keep that bed from becoming a smelly mess and they help to keep the fleas and ticks away.

While you can find other wood chips that are often offered for dog bedding, nothing is so comfortable for your dog as red cedar. Cedar can be shaved into strips that stick together and do not make the mess of the chips that spread all over the room.

Here is another advantage of the cedar bedding. It does not mold like hay. Hay also can get hot spots that irritate your dog and interfere with his sleep. This bedding does not have either of the problems of the hay.

The spongy, soft absorbent fibers of cedar are great to use loose to fill the bottom of a crate or dog house. They also make a great filling for a dog bed.

There is a myth that red cedar will interfere with a dog's ability to smell. This simply is not true. Hunting dogs have slept on red cedar for years with no ill effects. When a puppy is very young, his system may be sensitive to the oils in the cedar, therefore you should not use this bedding when your puppy is very young.

The bedding material should be replaced with fresh bedding every four to six weeks. This will keep those nasty fleas and ticks off of your dog and the fresh bedding will remain soft for your dog.

The smell of aromatic red cedar is the same as grandma's cedar chest. It is a clean woodsy smell that keeps the doggy smell out of the bed and of your home.

If you have a companion, working or sporting dog, then you should give him the best bedding you can find. Aromatic red cedar bedding is the best.

The cost of this bedding is only forty dollars for a bale. One bale of the bedding will make four beds for the average sized dog. This means that a bale of the bedding will last approximately six months. While most people choose to use the material year round, one bale bought in March will protect your dog during most of the flea and tick season.

Many of the over the counter products have been shown to cause severe allergic reactions in pets. Once your dog is over six months old, you can use this all natural product to protect him and your family from the harmful effects of these parasites just by giving him a great bed. You may spend less for bedding than you would for those products that are supposed to help your dog.

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