Taking A Bath Twice A Day Can Prevent Diseases

Published: 16th September 2009
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Immersing your body completely in any fluid is called as the process of taking a bath. Usually the fluid used for bathing is water or any aqueous solution. The basic necessity of bathing is to keep out body clean, which in turn will prevent us from many diseases, prevent us from infection, and make us feel comfortable and refreshed.

After having a bath, you will feel hygienic, and will give you a very fresh physical appearance. It will maintain the cleanliness of your body. It prevents you from all the chemical, biological, or nuclear hazards. Bathing will remove all the dust particles, contaminations, wrinkles from skin and gives your skin a silky and fresh look.

In olden days, there was a lot of scarcity for water because of huge droughts. Water was provided only to depending upon the necessity of application. Upon which water was given for livestock, hydro power mills, personal consumption, and agriculture. People of middle ages believed that, 'cleanliness is next to godliness', so they created public bathhouses in larger cities and villages. However, these public bathhouses mislead one kind of people to involve in adultery activity, so they neglected the public bathhouses. After that, in eighteenth century, people used their personal bathrooms for bathing purposes.

Bathing is an individual's process, and many people like to have bath in their own style. On analyzing a lot of styles of bathing, they named and divided the bathing process in various categories. Some kinds of bathing process are private bath, public bath, steam shower bath, sponge bath using a sponge during water shortage, decontamination bath, infrared sauna bath or sauna bath, swimming pool bath, and much more. Shower and bath tub are the most convenient and common method of bath. Usually babies are bathed in kitchen sinks and plastic baby bath tubs.

When we need to take bath, we can't have bath in a professional wear or formal suits. Therefore, there are some specified suits which have been designed to take bath. Using these suits we can have a perfect and effective bath. Depending upon the place of bathing the bathing suits vary. Some of the suits are swim suit, shorts and briefs, etc.

It is recommended by doctors to bath twice a day. By doing this, every one becomes fresh and feels heavenly. Usually bathing in morning before work and bathing in evening after finishing the day's work is good to maintain a good hygiene and body condition.

As like anything in the world having advantage, will surely have some disadvantage which applies of bathing too. Some of the drawbacks are, drowning, heatstroke caused by sauna or other hot baths, hypothermia by cold baths, cause ear infections or swimmer's ear which increases bacteria in body, infections caused by bacteria from warm water of pipes, irritations caused by solutions and many more.

Apart from standard bathing styles, there are some special bath styles developed recently for medication and relaxation purpose. Jetted bath or bath spas have a combination of a larger hot tub and a bath tub in common. Bathing is a pleasure process and it should be enjoyed by everyone.

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